The Divorcee and the Wedding-Shy Dabster

A man-shy woman!

A wedding-shy man!

A preaching-shy preacher!

And one conniving outlaw with plans — take over the town, then the Territory!

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*** Attention Readers ***

This issue only affects those who preordered or purchased the book within the first 2 days of the release date (late April/early May 2017)  — you may have received an incomplete book file (most of the faulty files were from Amazon).

N.B The complete book has this quote at the start — A man of quality is never threatened by a woman of equality.

Amazon assured me that everyone who received the incomplete file (it has no chapters) was sent an email, offering “Update Available”, however, many readers report they did not receive the email (see below).

If you didn’t receive an email from Amazon or purchased from another retailer, please don’t hesitate to contact me at Juliet James Books.

***Here is a copy of the email from Amazon***

Subject: Kindle Title Pearl  – The Divorcee and the Wedding-Shy Dabster: Montana Western Romance (Come-By-Chance Mail Order Brides of 1885) (ASIN:B01ND0T08X) has an available update

Hello Juliet,

Although you turned on the Automatic Book Update feature on the Manage Your Kindle, we were unable to automatically deliver an updated version of your past Kindle purchase of Pearl – The Divorcee and the Wedding-Shy Dabster: Montana Western Romance (Come-By-Chance Mail Order Brides of 1885) by Juliet James for the following reason(s):

  • This book has undergone significant changes, so any bookmarks, notes, or highlights you’ve made will not transfer over to the new version of the book.

The updated version contains the following changes:

  • Significant editorial changes have been made.
  • Missing content was added.

You can get the updated version of this book by going to Manage Your Kindle. Find the book in your Kindle Library, click on the “Update Available” link next to the book’s title, and then follow the update prompts. All your devices that have the eBook currently downloaded will be updated automatically the next time they connect to wireless.

We thank you for your business with Amazon.
Customer Service Department



I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and if you continue to have difficulty downloading the updated book, please don’t hesitate to email me at  Juliet James Books.

Happy reading!